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Compensable Injuries

Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Injury Claim Attorneys

A severe injury or illness that impairs your ability to work can create financial strain. Lost income from the lack of ability to work is countered with extensive medical expenses. It can be difficult to manage medical bills, maintain mortgage payments, or continue paying other monthly bills. The law office of Law Offices of Nicole D Sullivan & Associates, P.C. offers informative and experienced workers' compensation advice and legal counsel to help alleviate financial burdens.

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What injuries are covered under workers' compensation?

Most people realize that common injuries such as back injuries, leg injuries, and neck injuries suffered at work are compensable injuries. However, many people do not realize that serious health conditions or illnesses that arise out of work conditions may also be compensable, such as:

  • Repetitive stress injuries: such as carpel tunnel syndrome, back injury, neck injury, or other injury that results from continued strain on the job. Repetitive stress injuries can occur in occupations with continuous heavy lifting, continuous computer activity, and other occupations.
  • Stress-related health condition: such as stroke, heart attack, brain aneurysms, and other serious health conditions. Proof that there was significant physical exertion, or high physical or mental stress on the day of the attack will strengthen workers' compensation claims.
  • Mental illness: such as anxiety or depression. Treatment necessary for patients suffering depression, anxiety, or other mental impairment may be covered under workers' compensation benefits if there is a causal relationship between the health condition and conditions at work.
  • Injuries to diabetics: People with diabetes have an increased risk for serious infection and other health problems. Therefore, what may seem to be a simple injury to others is a significant injury to a diabetic. While the actual diabetes condition is not compensable, injuries that occur at work such as a fall that lead to serious health problems may be compensable.
  • Other injury, illness, or health condition: A work-related injury or illness may cause other health problems that may be covered under workers' compensation. For example, pain medication for a work-related injury may cause liver or gastrointestinal health problems. These conditions may be covered under workers' compensation.

With over 40 years of cumulative experience, the law firm of Law Offices of Nicole D Sullivan & Associates, P.C. has the knowledge and understanding to help clients pursue workers' compensation benefits following a work-related accident or injury.

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