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Over 50 years of combined experience

I would like to say thank you for your hard work and dedication to my case. We all work hard day to day and don't realize that it only takes that one moment that can change your life forever.

It has not only affected me, but my whole family. My children have gone beyond the call of duty with helping out. They have two disabled parents and not once have they complained.

I received a call from my 10 year old daughter's school because she was concerned about us being able to put food on the table. It devastated me to know that she even had to think about that. The school wanted to know if we needed help.

This has been a long process and fight in every way and I am grateful to you guys for all you have done. I know its not over and I personally have a long way to go to try and get well again and I guess I'm trying to say I couldn't have done this without you.

I know this is what you do for a "job", but it's the dedication and compassion that is noticed. As humans sometimes it's the negative that can over come the positive and people who work hard don't always get recognized for the impact they may have on other's life nor do they expect it.

It's because of people like you that give many people in my situation hope. My family is truly grateful to you.


Dear Nicole,

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for everything you have done to help me in my pursuit of SSDI benefits. I know that without you, I would not have been able to file! Thank you for all your kindness and patience with me and my "brain fog."

All the best to you.

Sue S  

Dear Nicole,

I just had to write you, and your firm a note to "Thank You", for all of your help and expertise with my LTD claim, not to mention the other matter that you helped me with as well. You and the firm are just absolutely wonderful people!! If I hear of anyone in need of a great attorney, it goes without saying, that I will certainly recommend you. I will never forget what a wam wonderful atmosphere your office provides the client in they're time of need. Everyone is so polite, kind, and always had a smile., and in turn you made me smile. You took the worry off of my shoulders at a time when I needed it most, when I needed to concentrate on my health, and when a question about the case arose you were always there to answer it for me. I know that you are always very busy too, yet, you never made me feel like you had so many other things to do that you couldn't help. You always found time. Thank You!! so very much for being you.

Sincerely, Cecile

"Have a spectacular rest of the week, knowing that I am saying prayers of gratitude for you in my life, every time I think of how amazing this settlement is.....that I'm telling others about you as I tell my story, and again thanking you and being appreciative for all of your deftness, expertise and savvy, along with the "lucky' things that just seem to keep happening for me.

I appreciate your straight forward and direct advice always, and feel so prepared and confident about all these cases. But, most of all, I believe you really care and feel your compassion."

You rock, girl!



"Thanks so much to everyone in the office for your help. I was surprised and grateful the Social Security claim went through without problems and in only a few months. I can't tell you how much it means to me. It's a huge worry off my mind. It's the first bit of good fortune I've had in years. Thank you!"


"Thank you Nicole, it has been a pleasure knowing you. Great job!"

-Mr. and Mrs. D

Hi Nicole,

I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. You have a great legal team.

You all are very sensible, responsive, and caring.

I spoke to a few attorneys prior to talking to you and they said that I was not qualified for the benefits that I was applying. You took my case right away and actually won! You also had great insight as to which way the case would go. You are super!

Thanks for everything you did for me! (which is a LOT)



Thank you all for your prayers with the workman's comp. case. We settled for about 1/2 of what I should have received, which was 2 1/2 times what my old Attorney was settling for (and 100% of what my old attorney asked for). Because my old attorney had used that number to the insurance company earlier, the insurance company would not budge beyond that figure. The option of going to a hearing may have lost me ALL of my claim or doubled it. I am not willing to lose it all. If I had started with Nicole Sullivan and Jeremy Theerman I would have received much more money.

Nicole Sullivan is working on my SSDI case also. She already has straightened out much of what my prior attorney screwed up and I should be receiving my benefits retroactive for about 2 years. She is AWESOME!!! My prior attorney never filed my appeal of the first denial.

Nicole was recommended to me by a friend who is using her on a case right now. Even my doctor's assistant's husband is using Nicole Sullivan for his disability case.


Hi Nicole,

What a wonderful article on your firm and services! Thank you for sending it to us, we hadn't seen it. It's a great way to let potential customers know how your firm stands out from the rest. Unless someone reads it in print or from networking through happy customers, such as ourselves, people have no clue about the legal process. After talking to others, we find that they feel very intimidated by the process and their legal counsel and do come out with a bitter taste in their mouths.

It's amazing the horror stories we hear and the treatment they have received from their experiences with law firms and lawyers in this state. It's too bad because we tell them not all lawyers are "Sharks," just deal with the facts, or are in it for the money! The Law Offices of Nicole D Sullivan & Associates, P.C. Law Firm that represents us and others we have referred to them, are very personable, caring, accommodating, looking out for "Our" best interests, goes the extra mile and then some, are always there before, during, and after hours via phone, cell, or email. They make it such a pleasant experience that one can sit back and enjoy the ride!

We've always felt that our questions and fears were answered because of the expertise and wonderful knowledge of our legal team and we've come out with learning so much more and what is involved with the legal process. You really feel that you are part of their team! It is truly a learning experience and we would recommend anyone and have to your law firm who will listen! Keep up the good work!

Warmest Regards,
Jan & Dennis

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