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Head-On Collisions

Boston Car Accident Attorneys

Representing Victims of Head-On Collisions

Have you ever seen car accident photos from a head-on collision? Just imagining it makes you feel sick and fearful. If the victim was you, or someone you know, the pain, horror and tragedy are not imagined — they are real.

At Law Offices of Nicole D Sullivan & Associates, P.C. , we represent those who have suffered the tragedy of a head-on collision. We understand our clients' pain and suffering, and help them obtain maximum compensation for their injuries.

We handle head-on collision injury cases resulting from:

  • Drunk driver swerves into the other lane
  • Driver falls asleep at the wheel and hits an oncoming car
  • Car fails to follow traffic signs and drives down a "wrong way"

Maximizing Your Compensation

Head-on collisions are devastating, and often result in catastrophic injuries, such as brain injuries or spinal cord injury. Many result in wrongful death. When these car accidents occur, the victims may be entitled to hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation.

The lawyers at our firm know how to maximize the compensation our clients receive. If the accident was caused by a drunk driver, we may be able to seek punitive damages or file a lawsuit against the establishment that served the alcohol ("dram shop" liability).

If the accident involved a semi-truck, we will gather driving records, log books and other documents that may allow us to file suit against the trucking company. In addition, we use our experience with workers' compensation and Social Security to maximize financial benefits for our clients when the situation allows.

Contact Our Law Firm Today for a Free Consultation

Whether you suffered broken bones or traumatic brain injury, or you lost a loved one in a car or truck head-on collision accident, we will be a zealous advocate for your rights and interests.

If you would like to speak with a car and truck accident lawyer about your case, contact Law Offices of Nicole D Sullivan & Associates, P.C. , to schedule a free initial consultation. We take these cases on a contingency-fee basis. That means you owe us nothing unless we win.