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Burns and Scarring

Boston Burn Injuries Attorney

Understanding the Cost of Burn Injuries

Third-degree burn injuries typically require skin grafts, reconstructive surgery, months of rehabilitation, and a long recovery time. As a result, the financial impact of a severe burn injury is often significant in terms of medical care, lost wages, and the emotional toll on individuals and families. At the personal injury law office of Nicole D Sullivan , our personal injury attorneys work with medical economists, life-care planners, and vocational trainers in cases involving burn injuries and scarring. When necessary, we create day-in-the-life videos in order to demonstrate to jurors the very real and human side of burn injuries. Our lawyers also consult medical experts when necessary in order to explain what future surgeries our clients face, the recovery time for them, and the pain and suffering involved.

If you have been severely burned in an accident or have lost a family member in a fatal fire or explosion, contact Boston burn injury attorneys at the law office of Nicole D Sullivan today to schedule a free consultation.

Burn Injuries and Accidents

The personal injury law office of Nicole D Sullivan recovers damages for burn victims injured in accidents involving the following:

  • Fires
  • Chemical burns
  • Industrial explosions
  • Car or truck accidents
  • Gunpowder burns after airbag deployment
  • Faulty smoke detectors
  • Failed sprinkler systems
  • Locked fire exits or absence of marked fire exists
  • Plane crashes

Work-Related Accidents and Burn Injuries

Factories and industrial job sites are governed by OSHA safety requirements. Unfortunately, employers and third-party contractors at job sites don't always comply with OSHA and other safety regulations. In burn injury cases involving industrial or construction job sites our office investigates the circumstances surrounding an explosion, chemical fire, or electrocution. We interview eyewitnesses, review security camera footage if available, and review company records in order to expose safety violations that play an important role in the cause of fires and burn injuries.

Contact Boston Burn Injury Attorneys at Nicole D Sullivan Today

Due to the unique nature of burn injuries, it's important to involve an attorney in your case before talking to insurance claims adjusters or representatives of your employer. As your legal representation, employers and insurance companies must go through our office in regard to any discussions, interviews, or settlement offers related to your burns. We will protect your rights and ensure you aren't taken advantage of or misled.

To schedule a free consultation and discuss your case, contact Boston, Massachusetts burn injury attorneys at Nicole D Sullivan today.