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Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Boston Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Financial Recovery After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are often the result of inattention on the part of car, truck, or bus drivers. As a result, motorists don't always see motorcycles on their left or their right at intersections or along the highway. Consequently, when a car driver changes lanes without signaling or proceeds through an intersection after a rolling stop, motorcyclists are at risk. Since car drivers don't always see bikers, it's not unusual for them to blame the motorcycle rider for running into them or causing an accident in general. At the personal injury law office of Law Offices of Nicole D Sullivan & Associates, P.C. , our attorneys understand how to investigate the cause of a motorcycle accident and expose negligence on the part of car, truck, and bus drivers.

If you are a motorcycle rider that has been injured due to the negligence of a car driver, contact Boston motorcycle accident lawyers at Nicole D Sullivan today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

How Motorcycle Accidents Happen

Our personal injury attorneys represent motorcycle riders injured in accidents caused by the following:

Investigating Motorcycle Accidents -- Assigning Fault

Analyzing the damage to the vehicles involved in a motorcycle accident can reveal a great deal of important information. For example, if most of the damage to a car is along the front passenger side, it's reasonable to assume the driver should have seen the motorcycle. Alternatively, if damage to a bike is primarily confined to the back tire, it's an indication a car driver rear-ended a biker after failing to see him or her.

When accident investigators measure skid marks and map the spread of debris at the scene of a motorcycle accident, it's possible to reconstruct what happened and at what speeds. This provides our attorneys with important evidence to challenge conclusions offered by insurance accident investigators who attempt to shift blame onto you, the motorcycle rider.

Protecting Your Rights and Interests After a Motorcycle Accident

Insurers realize motorcycle accidents typically involve serious head trauma, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, amputations, road burn, and severe lacerations. As a result, they may try to shift as much blame onto you as possible in order to reduce their liability. Portraying a biker as a thrill-seeking dare devil is a common strategy we're prepared to neutralize.

If you've been seriously injured in motorcycle accident, contact motorcycle accidents attorneys at Nicole D Sullivan today to schedule a free consultation to learn how we can help you.