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Red-Light and Stop Sign Accidents

Boston Red-light Accident Attorney

Holding Negligent Drivers Financially Responsible

Accidents involving ran stop lights or stop signs often involve serious injuries due to side-impacts or head-on collisions. Unfortunately, a negligent driver may try to deny any fault or shift part of the blame onto you, the injury victim. Since Massachusetts is a modified negligence state, if you are deemed 51% or more at fault in a red-light accident, you cannot recover any damages. If you are 50% or less at fault, your recovery will be reduced by the percentage of your fault: if you suffer $100,000 in losses but are judged 30% at fault, you can only recover $70,000. Insurance companies are aware of this and will look for any evidence they can find to justify shifting blame onto you to reduce your injury claims payout.

At the law office of Law Offices of Nicole D Sullivan & Associates, P.C. , our personal injury attorneys investigate red-light accidents when necessary to protect our client's interests and rights. If you have been injured in an intersection or after another driver ran a stop sign, contact Westborough car accident lawyers at Nicole D Sullivan today.

Injuries in T-Bone Accidents After a Ran Stop Light or Stop Sign

The law office of Law Offices of Nicole D Sullivan & Associates, P.C. recovers financial damages for people suffering from the following kinds of injuries sustained in ran stop sign or red-light accidents:

Determining the Cost of Your Injuries

Our personal injury attorneys consult medical economists, vocational trainers, and life-care planners in order to determine costs associated with our client's injuries. We consider costs associated with surgery, initial hospitalization, physical therapy, and lost wages. Our attorneys also work closely with clients to ensure any benefits they are entitled to be initiated. If after a red-light accident it's clear you will miss weeks or months of work, we can advise in regard to the steps you should take to file for medical leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to protect your job while you recover.

Contact Westborough Red-light Accidents Attorneys

As experienced personal injury lawyers, we understand how to investigate traffic accidents and how to prepare cases for trial. Working with investigators when necessary, we measure skid marks to determine how fast a car was going, analyze damage to the vehicles involved, recover traffic camera footage, and interview eyewitnesses. We have the tools and resources needed to counter experts testifying for the insurance company and are prepared to recreate the accident, if necessary.

To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, contact red-light accident attorneys at Nicole D Sullivan today.